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Events covered under Victor Third Sector Secure policies

Within the policy wording, cover is currently provided for events for the purposes of raising funds for the insureds activities where:

  • the combined numbers of entrants and spectators on site does not exceed 1000 at any one time
  • the event takes place within England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, and
  • where the event duration lasts no longer than 48 hours

This would be subject to the Insured having all necessary Risk Assessments undertaken, necessary Health and Safety protocols in place and evidence that and third party stallholders / contractors have their own insurance in place to a minimum of £5,000,000.

Events must not include:

  • those organised by a separate third party event organiser/company
  • involving weapons,
  • passenger carrying amusement devices,
  • animal rides of any kind,
  • ballooning or aerial activities including parachuting, paragliding or parascending,
  • go-karting, quad biking or motor sports,
  • bungee jumping,
  • professional sport teams or persons,
  • individual exhibitions valued at over £250,000,
  • racing or time trials other than on foot, or
  • activity involving watercraft

We can consider requests for events outside of the scope of the current policy cover subject to referral to our underwriters with full details of:

  • What activities are being undertaken?
  • Who is responsible for each activity?
  • Number of expected attendees in total and max at any one time.
  • Is there additional property to be covered? In the open?
  • Is cash going to be handled and what protocols are in place for this?

As part of this referral please include copies of all risk assessments.

Outside of appetite:

  • Events with more than 5000 attendees at any one time
  • Music concerts/festivals where alcohol is sold

Please also refer to the following conditions within the policy wording which lay out the conditions that must be fulfilled in relation to firework displays and inflatables:

  • 13.5 (a) - Firework Displays and Bonfires
  • 13.5 (b) - Inflatable Devices

All referrals to be directed to thirdsector@victorinsurance.co.uk.